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PvP Server - Interlude
EXP-SP-Adena x1000
Drop: x1


Safe Enchant +7
Max Enchant +25
Chance of Normal Scroll: 65% until +14
Chance of Blessed Scroll: 100% until +16
Chance of Crystal Scroll: 80% until +20 (Vote-PVP-Events-Raid-Party Farm)
(break ? Same enchant)
Chance of Fusion Scroll: +21 90% / +22 85% / +23 80% / +24 70% / +25 60%
(break ? Same enchant)


Chance of Mid ls: 5%
Chance of High ls: 10%
Chance of Top ls: 15%
1 Active + 1 Passive


Armors: Apella-Dynasty
Weapons: Gold-Dynasty
Tattoo and Accessories (Special Status)
Noblesse: Barakiel - Coin
Auto loot: Auto(except raid's - on ground for 30 seconds)
Only 1 Clan per Ally
Custom Cancellation: Buffs restored after 10 seconds
Buff Slots: 60
Max Windows per PC: 2
Allowed Sub classes: 5
Party Limitations: 2 Tanks,duelists,warlords,healers,titans,tyrants - 1 Domi
Lifestone + Bog Zone


Normal: 60-120 Minutes respawn
Grand: 180-210 Minutes respawn
Fusion Special: 240-340 Minutes respawn

Clan Points

Starting Clan Level: 5
Starting Clan Points: 1000
After Top Clan event, local clan points stay the same but Top Clan points resets to 1000.

Giran Castle: 1000
Aden Castle: 800
Fusion Boss: 200
Grand Boss: 100
Raid Boss: 50
Hero: 100 Points
TVT/CTF/DM: 20 Points
Tournament: 1 Point


Special color(Name-Tittle)
VIP Unique Chat: Available with ^
Special Drops from all of our zones
Name/Title color change: Normal(PvP) <-> VIP / Donated color(if exist) <-> VIP


Never Expires
All the VIP status, and the following:
Free skins(.skins)
Name/Title color change via .premium command
x2 PvP Rewards
x2 Vote Rewards
Extra Event coins(From Events)
5% extra chance on all of Enchant Items
5% extra chance on Skill enchants


Period: 4 Days
Heroes Time: 5 minutes after olympiad ends (00:05)
Olympiad games Time: 18:00 - 00:00 UTC+2
Enchant: +6
Items: S Grade - No Custom
Minimum Players: 3


(Every 1 hour)
Tournaments - Every 6 hours

Top Clan Event
Every Thursday at 23:00 GMT+2
1st clan: 100 Donate Coins
2nd clan: 60 Donate Coins
3rd clan: 40 Donate Coins
Minimum 5000 Points(Starting clan Points: 1000)

Top Tournament wins
Every Thursday at 23:00 GMT+2
1st: 10 Donate Coins
2nd: 5 Donate Coins
(Minimum 20 wins)
.vip (Change color from Vip to Normal(PvP) - Donated(If exist)
.premium (as .vip, Plus Color choose availability for Name/Title)
.skins (variaty of skins, Try/Buy them, Premium can equip them for FREE)
.missions (Complete tasks and get rewards)
.wins (Tournament winned fights)
You can vote every 12hours.

Vote Buff(2 Options):

1) Voted at least on 1 Vote site
A button of free Vote buff will appear
That button will disappear after 11 hours, so you have to vote again to get it.

2) Get Vote Buff with 15 Vote coin.


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